Series A: Physical Sciences, is a regular publication of the Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research. PCSIR Research and Development Programme, PCSIR Annual Report and PCSIR Bulletin, while occasional publications are books, leaflets, technology briefs, brochures etc.

The centre comprises of various sections/activities, Website, Databases, Documentation, Scientific Information to facilitate the scientific community and other relevant persons. 

Dr. Syed Hussain Abidi (Oxon)
Shahida Begum
Executive Editor

MEMBERS - Series A: Physical Sciences


Prof. R. Amarowicz
Polish Academy of Sciences
Olsztyn, Poland
Dr. A. Chauhan
Nat. Institute of Pharma. Education
and Research, Mohali, India
Dr. Debanjan Das
C.B. Fleet Company, Inc.,VA, USA
Dr. S. Goswami
Rawenshaw University, Cuttack, India

Prof. S. Haydar
University of Engg. & Technology
Lahore, Pakistan
Dr. H. Khan
Institute of Chemical Sciences
University of Peshawar, Pakistan 
Prof. W. Linert
Institute of Applied Synthetic 
Chemistry, Vienna, Austria 

Prof. R. Mahmood
Slippery Rock University 
Pennsylvania, USA 
Dr. S. K. Rastogi 
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry 
Texas State University, USA 
Dr. I. Rezic 
Faculty of Textile Technology, Zagreb, Croatia 
Dr. J. P. Vicente 
ETSCE, Universitat Jaume I 
Prof. Z. Xie
Imperial College 
London University 
Prof. Z. Xu
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China 


Dr. Gul-e-Rana  Sajid Ali  
 Zia-ur-Rahman Aamir  Tanvir Ahmed Baloch  
Bushra Arshad