Dynamic Compression and Thermo-Physical Properties of Some Wood Particles in South Western Nigeria

Dynamic Compression on Wood Particles

  • Mathew Adefusika Adekoya Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria
  • Sunday Samuel Oluyamo
  • Olawale Ramon Bello
Keywords: density, specific heat capacity, thermal diffusivity, wood particle


This study examines the dynamic compression and thermo-physical properties of some wood
particles obtained from Akure, south local government area, Ondo State, South Western Nigeria. These
wood particles are of the species of Celtis zenkeri and Celtis philippensis of the Ulmaceae family. The
samples were possessed into different particle sizes (300, 600 and 850 µm) and subjected to varied
compacting pressures (2.6-3.0 MPa). The density and specific heat capacity of the wood samples were
determined using weighing displacement methods and temperature dependent model while the thermal
diffusivity was estimated from other thermal properties. The results revealed significant variation in the
values of the specific heat capacity as a result of change in pressure for all the wood samples considered.
The density of wood samples lies between 4.51×102 -7.32×102 kg/m3 and the specific heat capacity values
obtained for the samples fall within the range of 1.28×103-1.33×103 J/kg/K. It was also noted that the
thermal diffusivity obtained falls within the range of 1.37×10-7-2.10×10-7 m2/s for the wood materials
considered. However, the values of the densities, specific heat capacities and thermal diffusivities of the
samples were found to change as the compacting pressure increased due to decreased in porosity. The
implication of the study is that the mate