Catalytic Reduction of Wood Kikar (Acacia albida) by Acetosolv and Organosolv Pulping with Organic acids

  • Akhtar Shareef Centre for Environmental Studies, PCSIR Laboratories Complex, Karachi 75280, Pakistan
  • Mohammad Tahir
  • Shahid Bhutto
  • Nisha Khan


Kikar wood (Acacia albida) of particle size 0.315-1.00 mm was subjected to acetosolv and
organosolv pulping catalyzed by strong acid like HCl. The selective condition for pulping is 95%, 0.25%
catalyst (HCl) solid/liquor ratio (S/L) 1:12.5 for 180 mins, for acetic acid, 80%, 0.2% catalyst (HCl), S/L
1:12.5 for 120 min, for formic acid, 85%, 0.2% catalyst (HCl), S/L 1:12.5 for 180 min for propionic acid,
giving residues impurities but the a-cellulose and klason lignin 58.5% and 24.1% in Kikar wood. The
optimum delignification was achieved by the acetic acid as compared to other organic acids.