Radiolysis Induced Degradation of a Synthetic Dye and its Possible Use for Radiation

Radiolysis of BB Dye

  • Muhammad Khawar Hayat Department of Physics, University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Rabia Khaliq School Education Department (SED), Government of the Punjab, Pakistan
Keywords: reactive black B, dye, radiolysis, gamma dosimetry, spectrophotometer, degradation


The aim of this work is to investigate the radiolysis induced degradation and possibility of reactive black B (BB) dye to be used as passive dosimeter. For this purpose, the aqueous solutions of  BB dye were irradiated under g-rays by utilizing Cs137 gamma radiation source within 0.1-0.9 kilo- Gray (kGy) dose range. Sample solutions were analyzed spectrophotometrically by using UV-visible spectrophotometer within 300-800 nm range. The absorbance (A) of sample solutions decreases with absorbed dose (D). Post-irradiation stability, physical response, % decolouration (% D), change in absorbance (DA) and change in pH (DpH) of BB dye upon irradiation are discussed. The BB dye follows Beer's law acceptably. The response curves of different parameters show linearity within the selected dose interval with correlation coefficients of 0.9127 and 0.9053. The reported results show the effective degradation of BB dye and encourage its possibility to be used as a dosimeter within selected dose range.