Review on Recent Developments in Coating Procedure by Using Direct Current (DC) Sputtering for Optical Medical Applications

Mini Review: A Mini Review on Direct Current Use for Medical Applications

  • Akram Jassim Jawad University of Babylon, College of Materials Engineering, Department of Polymer and Petrochemicals Industrials Engineering, Hilla, Iraq
Keywords: direct current (DC) sputtering, coating, nano thickness, films, antiviral properties, optic electric applications


Nano thin films and nano coating have been applied in different fields in health care system because of their higher antiviral properties. Additionally, as the world have suffered since December 2019 from Covid- 19 situation, different scientists and industrials people have tried to apply nano antiviral films and coatings in our daily life. In this mini review, nano thin film coating procedure by DC sputtering technique has been reviewed, investigated and evaluated by using different materials and device parameters in recent years. This report focuses on device factors that affect the thickness of nano-thin films for optical and optic electric applications. These parameters including time, temperature, power, pressure and flow rate of gases. The review provides more understanding meaning of the coating procedure by DC sputtering process.